OnSong 1.99996

Release Notes

OnSong 1.99996 has not yet been released. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Added Google Drive support for import and export.
  • Added Flic Smart Bluetooth button support for performing actions.
  • Added the ability to change your name and email address registrations using the settings screen.
  • Added the current capo setting in song lists through out the app next to the key.
  • Added keyboard click sounds when tapping on the arrow keys within the song editor.
  • Added the ability to switch between local and shared storage locations in settings.
  • Added the ability to rate and review the app in iOS 10.3 and higher.
  • Added the ability to configure "Adjust" actions to use absolute numbers instead of relative values.
  • Added the ability to report errors when authenticating to SongSelect that can help troubleshoot common sign-in issues.
  • Added the ability to use numbers for higher fret values if using spaces between values.
  • Added the ability to know which song was last viewed.
  • Added the ability to create a new message when picking a message from the Action Picker interface.
  • Added the ability to delete messages when picking them from the action picker.
  • Added an alert when entering ortho mode for the first time.
  • Added the ability to configure MIDI commands to be used when sending tempo.


  • Updated to the latest version of the AirTurn framework for future compatibility and features.
  • Updated to the most current version of the Spotify SDK which may address authentication persistence.
  • Updated the user interface for improved accessibility throughout the app.


  • Changed the app to only support iOS 9 and higher.
  • Changed the code base to use automatic reference counting for more streamlined memory management.
  • Changed the song list export to include capo even when transposition is disabled.
  • Changed the way tab characters are handled in the song viewer to output based on a spaced grid instead of simple character replacement.
  • Changed the storage location of new OnSong libraries into a shared app group which allows access of the library and settings from other apps approved by OnSong.
  • Changed file exports to use the date that the song or set was last modified instead of the current date and time.
  • Changed the drawing tool to turn off ortho mode each time it is closed to avoid confusion.
  • Changed the offset in DMX fixture editors to channels that start at 1 instead of 0.


  • Fixed an issue when reordering songs within a set.
  • Fixed an issue where drawing and selecting a new color and then moving that to the front of the list makes the color disappear.
  • Fixed an issue with the save button disappearing when a very long song title is loaded in Console.
  • Fixed an issue when importing ZIP files with Word documents that contain special characters.
  • Fixed an issue where sticky notes that contain empty text can cause a crash when printing.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration of a set is calculated on the duration set on the master song and not on the duration of the song in a set when separate styles is enabled.
  • Fixed issues with connecting to insecure websites that would cause iOS to prevent access due to new security requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where the Transpose and Capo screen is not able to be closed when operating in compact mode in a split view.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mute Metronome action had no effect on the metronome.
  • Fixed an issue with chord detection using certain enharmonic symbols.
  • Fixed an issue with UI colors in the SongSelect search box.
  • Fixed an issue with the font selector in the Style Preferences menu where it would not display correctly under iOS 11.
  • Fixed an issue with the status bar color and behavior in iOS 11.
  • Fixed an issue with the MIDI assigned to the song not firing when a viewport is set.
  • Fixed an issue where button text does not wrap on the Getting Started screen when compiled to iOS 10/11.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reset Song action does not reset the switch section logic.
  • Fixed an issue where using an "H" in a flow repeats the header instead of using a section labeled as "Hook".
  • Fixed an issue where switching from Nashville numbers to letters and then back again the Nashville will not reload without leaving the song and coming back to it.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a library can cause it to not be able to read the database file until after a restart.
  • Fixed an issue where motion backgrounds would not start automatically when using AirPlay.
  • Fixed an issue where zero-width space characters would prevent chord detection.
  • Fixed an issue with switching back to the standard font from a monospaced font when using sot/eot tags in a PDF export.
  • Fixed a crash condition when importing text files.
  • Fixed an issue with very long "copy" file names which is causing files to not be viewable.
  • Fixed issues with certain web services that use insecure SSL no longer functioning once compiled in the latest versions of iOS.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't change versions in worshipplanning.com.
  • Fixed an issue that can make the drawing toolbar unresponsive in iOS 11.
  • Fixed spacing issues in toolbars when compiled in and due to a bug iOS 11.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a custom message where choosing a custom color will cause any message text to be cleared.