Takedown Notice

OnSong values the intellectual property rights of the talented songwriters and musicians of our time. It's only through the hard work and determination of these individuals that we truly have something to sing about. Simply put, we believe that artists deserve to be rewarded for their craft. That's why we take measures to ensure that the content we recommend is licensed for use from the applicable publishers.

If you're receiving this message, one or more of the content providers that you use may be in violation of these standards and applicable copyright laws. When OnSong receives a legal notice to remove content from its apps or websites, we take that very seriously and move quickly to comply with such notice and to remain in compliance with applicable copyright laws. In order for access to this content to be restored, we require content providers to certify licensing agreements with all publishers with whom they license content intended for distribution. We are hopeful that these issues can be resolved soon and the content provider restored within OnSong.

If you have questions regarding your content's legality, or for more information regarding the reasons for removal from the OnSong app or website, please contact the content provider.