OnSong Support

Attention iPad 1 Users

We wanted to keep iPad 1 users informed about some changes in the way we develop and support OnSong. Our goal has always been to support the original iPad for as long as possible. OnSong is one of the few apps that still support iOS 5.1.1. However, in order to support the majority of users on iOS 8 and higher and to continue development of the app, we can no longer test OnSong on iOS 5.1.1 prior to launch.

We are recommending that iPad 1 users refrain from updating to the latest version until we can test on an iPad 1 after launch. We also recommend planning upgrading to a newer iPad in order to continue receiving updates and support from Apple and OnSong.

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Known Issues

OnSong 1.9997 corrects a crash condition caused by OnSong 1.9996. We recommend updating to this version of OnSong for best performance for original iPad 1 users.


When it launched in early 2010, the iPad revolutionized how we use computers. They were no longer limited to desktop computers or laptops. They were suddenly powerful enough to perform tasks that everyone needed in a mobile way. Long battery life and a touch interface meant that new apps could take advantage of this device to create groundbreaking applications.

OnSong was started in 2010 about 3 weeks before the original iPad went on sale. We were one of the first 2,000 apps available on the iPad App Store. The iPad literally changed our lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands of musicians around the world that we have the privilege off calling our users. Over the past six years, we've supported new devices and new versions of iOS and remained backwards compatible with the original iPad to remain loyal to those users who have placed their trust in us.

Technology moves at an incredible pace. iOS 9 is now installed on about 78% of OnSong devices. iOS 8 takes more than 15% of installations and iOS 6 and 7 are more than 5%. Only about 1% or so of users are still running on the iPad 1 which is locked at iOS 5.1.1. We have always fought for that 1% of users since we know they have been with us the longest. Unfortunately, it is now impossible for us to test OnSong on the original iPad prior to launch. This makes supporting the device increasingly challenging. At this point we recommend that iPad 1 user refrain from updating OnSong until we can let you know the issues we've encountered. Our goal is to communicate these issues and then let you know when they have been resolved.