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The following are pages of the user manual that have been updated since OnSong 2019.0

    February 21, 2019

    • MIDI Editor
      The MIDI editor allows you to create or edit a MIDI event. This lets you specify the type of MIDI event to send or receive, as well as the optional channel, value, and other parameters pertaining to the selected MIDI event type.
    • Control Change
      Control changes in MIDI are sent from pedals, knobs, and sliders, and are used to control the dynamics of music. They can also be used for general messaging to apps such as OnSong.
    • MIDI Delay
      The delay screen allows you to set a delay within a list of MIDI events. This can be useful if connected MIDI devices require time to complete one task before sending another.
    • Global
      MIDI Globals allow you to create lists of MIDI to send as presets. This screen allows you to add globals into your list of MIDI to be sent. It's as simple as selecting the MIDI global you want to be sent...
    • Choose MIDI Global
      This will display a list of existing MIDI globals to choose from. Tap on the MIDI global that you would like to add to your list of MIDI events to send.
    • Note Events
      Note events in MIDI are used to play an instrument by sending note on and off commands. They can also be used for general messaging to apps such as OnSong.
    • NRPN
      Some instruments make use of NRPN MIDI events or Non-Registered Parameter Numbers to perform certain functions that are outside of the scope of standard MIDI. Typically these need to be coded with specific MIDI control changes sent at specific times...
    • Program Change
      Program changes in MIDI are typically sent and received to handle changes to the instrument's sound or module. They can also be used for general messaging to apps such as OnSong.
    • Sequence Commands
      Start, continue, or stop commands are used to control MIDI playback on a sequencer or other apps. These commands have no parameters and they are sent out on all channels automatically.
    • Song Select
      The Song Select command is sent on all channels and is used to load a new song on devices which support this MIDI event. Choose a value in the song section between 0 and 127 to be sent.
    • By Artist
      You can browse artists that are in your song library using the By Artist tab. This displays artists in rows with the quantity shown on the right. Tap on the name of the artist to view songs by that artist...
    • By Key
      Using the Keys tab, you can see what keys songs in your library are in. If you have songs that do not have a key, they can be retrieved using the None option.
    • Backup
      Backing up is essential to keeping your OnSong library safe and ready to perform at a moment's notice. This screen is used to manually create backups, or to schedule backups to occur automatically on a schedule while the app is running...
    • Edit Mode
      Tapping on the Edit button in the upper right corner will place the list of MIDI Globals into editing mode...

    February 20, 2019

    • Color Code
      You can use custom colors in line formatting using the HTML color code syntax. This requires a hexadecimal value preceded by a pound sign. This is an example of using a custom color:
    • Menubar
      The menubar provides the tools you need to create the perfect chord chart. Lets review each button and tool to see how the song editor works:
    • Preview
      The preview widget can be toggled on and off in the song editor to preview how the song will appear when changes are saved.
    • Sorting Sets
      Sets can be sorted in a variety of ways that may sense to the user. The current sort method is displayed with an icon to the right side of the text. Sort methods that support ascending/descending order can be toggled bay selecting the same method again.
    • Editors
      Editors are screens that provide additional functions in OnSong that don't fit in the typical use of the app. These screens allow you to configure OnSong or access information.
    • Device
      The device category provides actions used for modifying the settings on the iOS device. It has the following nouns:
    • MIDI
      MIDI is a powerful protocol for controlling all aspects of your live performance. OnSong makes full use of MIDI to bring a new level of automation...
    • Globals
      MIDI globals can be thought of as named collections of MIDI events that you can recall anywhere you use MIDI events in OnSong...
    • Settings
      For every musician, there's a different way of doing music. OnSong is a powerful app that works for most users out of the box. Use the settings screen to tweak the app to meet your specific needs.
    • Menubar
      Menubar settings allow you to configure how the menubar behaves in OnSong by setting the following options: