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OnSong Manual

Latest Updates

The following are pages of the user manual that have been updated since OnSong 2020.8

    October 18, 2021

    • Low Light Mode
      One of the advantages to using an iPad on stage is that it is automatically backlit. This means that you don't need to supply additional lighting for paper charts. Because it's backlit, it's also easier to read even though the screen is smaller...
    • Document
      The Document tab lets you change the document settings for each song such as the low light mode, tint color, font, paper size, and margins.
    • Actions Menu
      The actions menu lets you navigate actions that can be triggered by physical actions like pressing a foot pedal, tapping on the screen, or from MIDI event input.
    • About
      This section contains information about the current OnSong installation including:
    • System Information
      The system information screen provides information about your OnSong library, statistic and precise control over secondary screens.
    • Available Songs
      This displays a list of available songs in your library which are the same songs you can view in the songs menu when viewing the All Songs collection. You can tap on a song to view a preview of it.
    • Loaned Songs
      This shows a list of songs that have been shared with you but are not available in your All Songs collection. These songs can only be displayed within sets that were shared with you. You can tap on a song to view a preview of it...
    • Low Light Mode
      Low Light Mode
    • Chords
      Chords that appear in your chord chart may appear differently based on their context as well as regional preferences. OnSong has a number of options to change how chords appear including:
    • Song Viewer
      Song viewer settings effect how the song viewer in OnSong behaves. Options include:
    • Renderer
      Render Ahead/Behind
    • Songs
      The songs menu settings is used to change the appearance and function of the Songs Menu and has the following settings: