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User Manual

Pedal Setup

The pedal setup screen is used when configuring advanced options for foot pedals. Typically this screen doesn't need to be accessed since foot pedals can be easily configured for most applications in the Foot Pedal Setup Screen.

The following options are available when setting up custom foot pedals:

Pedal Type

OnSong has drivers that are used for different foot pedal types. These include:

  • None which turns off any foot pedal communication.
  • iOS Compatible can be configured to use up and down arrows as well as character input. You can configure foot pedals below to respond to different character inputs.
  • AirTurn uses foot pedal drivers by AirTurn that can be used with all their foot pedal models. This uses the four arrow keys on a computer keyboard as pedals. Default.

Pedal 1-8

When using the iOS Compatible Pedal Type, you will need to configure character input to match pedals. For instance, you could set Pedal 1 as "a", Pedal 2 as "s", Pedal 3 as "w" and Pedal 4 as "z" (excluding quotes). OnSong will then send pedal notifications when those characters are encountered. OnSong can also listen for full phrases as well so as "next".

Once the characters are matched, the pedal action is performed as configured in the previous screen.

OnSong also supports the following special values that coincide with special keys on the keyboard:

  • UP_ARROW matches the up arrow on a keyboard.
  • LEFT_ARROW matches the left arrow on a keyboard.
  • DOWN_ARROW matches the down arrow on a keyboard.
  • RIGHT_ARROW matches the right arrow on a keyboard.
  • ENTER matches the enter/return key.
  • ESCAPE matches the escape (ESC) key on a keyboard.
  • TAB matches the tab key on the keyboard.
  • SPACE matches the space bar on a keyboard.


This is used to prevent accidental pedal presses by waiting a moment before responding to duplicate requests. You can adjust the sensitivity between 0 and 2. This is the number of seconds to wait until allowing a duplicate pedal input. Default is zero seconds.

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