OnSong Manual

Transpose and Capo

The transpose and capo section determines if transposition and capo are applied by default. In addition, it has settings that can effect how keys are detected and allow numeric chord formats to be used in the Style Preferences Menu.

Numbering Systems

OnSong can display chords using a numbering system such as Nashville, Roman Numeral and Italian. The transpose slider does not include these options by default. Turning on this switch will allow you to pick keys N, R or I by moving the transpose slider to the left. Default is off.

Theoretical Keys

The transpose slider contains the most common keys by default. If you would like to enable less commonly used keys, or keys that contain more than 7 sharps or flats, turn on this switch. Default is off.

Detect Key By

If the key of the song is not explicitly declared in the song's metadata, OnSong will need to find the key in another way to enable transposition. OnSong detects the key using one of the following methods:

  • First Chord uses the first chord in the song as a basis for the key. For instance, if the first chord is Am7, then the key of the song is set to Am. Default.
  • Last Chord uses the last chord in the song as a basis for the key. For instance, if the last chord in the song is a Bbsus4, the key will be set to Bb.
  • Note Counts is a method of determining the key of the song by accumulating all the notes used by the chords in the song and then counting sharps and flats to determine the key. This can be more accurate than the first or last chord in the song, but can still be false if not enough chords are in the song.
  • Metadata Only will only use the metadata of the song for the basis of the key. That means that if the key is not declared, transposition will not be available.

Display Capo

Determines if the capo should be turned on or off by default. The default value is off.

Display Diagrams

Determines if diagrams should be displayed on the chord chart by default. Position of the chord charts is determined in the Chord Diagrams settings section.

v. 2018.000