OnSong Manual

Style Preferences

The style preferences screen in menu settings lets you configure default values for newly imported songs. This screen is divided into the following sections:

Font Settings

Changes the font family in which chord chart text is displayed as well as line spacing.

Adjust the default font size and visibility of the header text of the song which is the song title.


Adjust the default font size and visibility of the metadata of the song including the artist, key, tempo and time signature.


Adjust the default font size and visibility of the song's lyrics.


Adjust the default font size, visibility and style of the song's chords such as highlight color, text color and bold or italic attributes.

Tapping on either chord highlight color rows will open the Color Builder to choose from preset palette colors, create custom colors or manage presets in the color picker.

Transpose and Capo

This section not only determines if transposition and capo should be applied, but also enables numeric chord formats and how the key of the song is detected when not explicitly declared.


This menu only changes the default values of the style preferences menu and sets the styles of newly imported songs.

To change the appearance of existing songs, you will need to open those songs and open the Style Preferences Menu to make changes. To make changes to many song, use the Apply Style button.

v. 1.999