OnSong Manual

Import Settings

The import settings screen allows you to configure how various import operations occur. These settings are separated by import source.

Google Drive

Change the way that OnSong handles Google Drive imports.

Image File Handling

When importing images, OnSong must decide where and how those files should be imported.

Internet Settings

OnSong can import songs from an Internet website. Only one can be configured at a time. Use these settings to configure a different website.

iTunes File Sharing

When importing from iTunes file sharing, you can choose to have files automatically removed.


Synchronization is slightly different from import methods but it in the similar category. Configure where OnSong can synchronize it's library to here.

Text File Handling

Text files may need to be configured for different file encodings or conversions.

Warn For Existing Songs

When this is enabled, OnSong will display songs that have been imported that already exist in your OnSong library. If you attempt to import those songs again, you will be prompted as to what to do. OnSong matches based on the filename of the song. Default is on.

View Newly Imported Songs

When this is enabled, imported songs are displayed in a temporary set. This allows you to review newly imported songs and edit them if needed. Default is on.

v. 2018.000