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User Manual

Low Light Mode

Low Light Mode

Low light mode lets you view your songs and user interface in low light conditions. It can be turned on and off explicitly, or set to automatic to toggle with the operating system, if supported. Options include:

  • Automatic will automatically toggle low light mode with Dark Mode found in iOS and iPadOS 13 and higher. With this on, it is still possible to override the current setting using the Style Preferences Document Tab.
  • Off will turn off low light mode regardless of operating system preferences.
  • On will turn on low light mode regardless of operating system preferences.

Use Brighter Colors

When in low light mode, darker colors would be harder to view. This option will brighten those colors if turned on.

Use Dark Menus and Interface

This switch is turned on by default and will give menus a black background with white text when using Low Light Mode. If turned off, the menus will appear with black text on a white background. The default setting is on.

Note: Low light mode will only work for text-based chord charts. Songs that are displayed as PDF, Microsoft Word or other file formats are displayed "as-is. In these cases, low light mode cannot be applied.

v. 2018.000