OnSong Manual

Songs Menu Options

The songs menu option let's you define how the songs menu in OnSong behaves. These options include:

  • Remove "The" removes the "The" word during sort operations. For instance, if a song is titled "The Blue Bayou", it will appear in the "B" section instead of the "T" section.
  • Remove Description Text removes the second line of information such as the artist name and key. This has the effect of making the song title larger.
  • International Characters Last sorts international characters like ü or é to be sorted last in the list. If turned off, OnSong will sort these song titles near their non-accented cousins.
  • Prevent Deletions turns off the ability to delete a song by swiping to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Show Remote Songs is used to toggle the Local/Remote tab on and off in All Songs and My Sets.
  • Wide Songs Menu can be turned on if you desire a wider songs menu. This roughly doubles the width of the menu to display longer songs titles.
  • Bolder Menu Titles in iOS 7, most of the default styles used very thin fonts that are hard to read. OnSong bolds the text in the songs menu for song titles. You can disable this for the native iOS 7 appearance.
v. 2018.000