OnSong Manual

PageFlip Cicada/Firefly

PageFlip creates the Cicada and Firefly foot pedals which can both be configured on this screen.

Choose Actions

Tap on each foot pedal to configure you Cicada or Firefly pedal actions. This will open the Actions Menu providing you with momentary actions.

Choose Pedal Mode

Tap on the mode button in the upper right corner to determine which mode on the pedal is currently enabled. For instance, you can have two foot pedals with each in a different arrow mode and configure both through this screen for a total of four foot pedals.


Tap on the Buy button in the upper right corner to purchase a PageFlip foot pedal.

User Guide

For more details on how to use the PageFlip Cicada and Firefly, tap on the User Guide button to be directed to PDF user manuals on the PageFlip website.

v. 2018.000