OnSong Manual

Transpose and Capo Menu

While the Style Preferences menu can control the formatting and transposition of text-based chord charts, it cannot modify imported files such as PDF and word processing chord charts. However, if chord charts haver been imported into OnSong using CCLI SongSelect, OnSong can request those chord charts in different keys as long as you have a valid SongSelect subscription.

The transpose and capo menu allows you to pick the key of the SongSelect chord chart as well as choose a capo. OnSong calculates appropriate key to retrieve and then downloads the new PDF chord chart as needed. You can turn off both transpose and capo as well to retrieve the song in its original key.

Internet connectivity is required to transpose SongSelect chord charts since they must be requested from the SongSelect service. Downloading new keys of a song do count against your download quota, however once versions of the SongSelect chord chart are downloaded, they are retained in your OnSong library. If you've already downloaded versions of the song, you do not need to be connect to the Internet to transpose into that key and the songs will not be counted against your quota.

v. 2018.000