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User Manual


Books allow you to organize larger song libraries into collections. This is perfect if you are in multiple bands and don't want your songs to be mixed, or to place special event/holiday songs into a book to prevent them from being mixed with the rest of your songs.


Tap on the Back or Libraries button in the upper left corner to view, manage and switch between libraries.


Collections are natural ways to view your songs. OnSong comes with two collections that are permanent:

  • All Songs contains all of your songs regardless of what book or books they are placed into.
  • Unbound Songs contains songs that have not yet been placed into a book. This is useful for finding songs that have not yet been organized into books.


Books are displayed below collections. When you create a book, you can then choose what songs are placed into the book. If there is not book section, tap on the + button to create a new book.

Creating Books

To create a book, tap on the + button in the lower right corner to open the Add New Book Screen. Type a name for your book and tap Done. This will add a book to the list of books.

Editing Books

You can edit the songs that are in a book as well as rename and perform other functions. To do this, tap on the Edit button in the upper-right corner to enter the Editing Mode and then tap on the name of the book to view the Action Menu.

Note: the edit button does not appear unless one or more books have been added.

Adding Songs to Books

There are a number of other ways to add songs to books such as:

  • Picking Songs is the most direct way. You can do this by entering Editing Mode and then tap on the name of the book to view the Action Menu.
  • Imported Songs will automatically be added to the currently selected book. Create a book and select it to have imported songs added to the book as well.
  • Placing in Books is accomplished through the Song EditorPlace In Book Menu and allows songs to be added to specific books using a menu.
  • Book Metadata can be added in imported files or the Song Editor which, when saved to the library, will automatically add the song to existing books or create a book with the appropriate name.
  • Add Songs Menu has an Add Existing Songs option to add songs to the currently selected book.

Sorting Books

You can change the order that books appear in the books list. Tap the sort button in the lower left to sort by a custom order. You can then tap on the Edit button in the upper right corner to enter Editing Mode. From there you can rearrange the order of books using the reordering handles on the right of each row.

v. 2018.000