OnSong Manual


ChordVault is a new chord chart service that intends to change the way music is found and licensed on the Internet. You can search and import chord charts right inside of OnSong. ChordVault is currently in open beta. Go here to learn more about ChordVault or sign up for the beta team today!

Sign In

The first time you access this import screen, you'll need to sign into your active ChordVault account.

Search and Browse

By default, the top 25 songs are listed on the screen. Use the search bar to search songs by title. You can also use the buttons below the search bar to search by artist, lyrics, and album as well.


Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the left side to see a preview of the song prior to importing it. Make sure it's the song you want before importing it into our library.

Note: Previews are limited to partial lyrics only and do not include chords. The final version does include chords.


Tap on the songs that you want to import to place a checkmark on the right side. Once you've selected songs to import, tap on the Import button in the upper right side of the screen. The progress of the import will be displayed. Once finished, the number of downloads will decrement and you will be returned to the All Songs screen.

Signing Out

You can use the Sign Out link at the bottom to sign out of ChordVault at any time.

Note: While these chord charts are downloaded to your OnSong library, access is granted only if you have an active subscription with ChordVault. This is due to the subscription-based licensing structure that has been negotiated with publishers and copyright holders. If you have Netflix™ or cable TV, you are familiar with this concept. You get all the content you can consume for a low monthly bill.

If your subscription lapses, OnSong does provide a grace period for you to correct your billing information. If you are traveling abroad or won't have access to an Internet connection, we recommend prepaying for a year subscription to avoid any disruption in service.

Subscription-based chord charts are not for everyone. While this model provides on-demand access to every available chord chart at any time, some musicians prefer to keep the chord chart regardless of their subscription status. However, these options can be expensive and free music on the Internet is not licensed for professional or commercial use.

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