OnSong Manual

Supported Models

OnSong works with popular foot pedals. Here's a list of what is supported in the Foot Pedal Setup Screen.

AirTurn BT-105 2-Pedal
This is the model popular foot pedal used with OnSong. It includes the BT-105 Bluetooth module and two silent foot switches. This pedal lets you completely navigate your songs and sets as well as toggle backing tracks or autoscroll.
AirTurn BT-105 4-Pedal
What does four pedals get you? More hands-free actions and options. Use this foot pedal in conjunction with gears to have an unlimited number of actions at your feet.
PageFlip Cicada/FireFly
PageFlip foot pedals provide another option for users with Bluetooth connectivity.
Griffin Stompbox
While no longer in production, this model combines stage-tested stompbox buttons in a solid medal case which connects via a wire to a 30-pin dock connector. It also features a configurable expression port.
Custom Foot Pedal
OnSong can be configured to read regular keyboard input and respond to actions. Use this model to do just that.
No Foot Pedal
While there's no issue with having a foot pedal model selected, there may be a time where you want to disable the foot pedal. In that case, choose this option.
v. 2018.000