OnSong Manual

Actions Menu

The actions menu lets you pick an action to perform when pressing a foot pedal or tapping on the screen.


Set the action to None to perform no action when the input is received.


Variable actions are performed when a variable input such as a MIDI controller knob or expression pedal is used. The values will appear on the screen but not take place until the variable input has not changed for a brief period of time.

  • Adjust Autoscroll continuously alters the autoscroll speed from between 0 and 15 minutes.
  • Adjust Brightness continuously adjusts the brightness of the screen from between 0 and 100 percent.
  • Adjust Capo continuously adjusts the capo setting from between 0 and 11 frets.
  • Adjust Key continuously changes the key using the values in the transpose slider in the Styles Preferences Menu.
  • Adjust Master Dimmer continuously changes the master dimmer applied to lighting in Scenes.
  • Adjust Scroll Position continuously adjusts the scroll position of the page from the top to the bottom.
  • Adjust Section continuously adjusts the currently selected section from the top-most section to the bottom.
  • Adjust Song In Set continuously scrolls through songs in the currently selected set.
  • Adjust Tempo continuously adjusts the tempo of the song from between minimum and maximum tempos as defined in settings.
  • Adjust Velocity continuously adjusts the velocity to use when playing MIDI notes through OnSong.
  • Adjust Volume continuously adjusts the volume of the device between 0 and 100%.


Momentary actions are ones that are performed with a single input such as a tap or pedal press. These include:

  • None no action is performed.
  • Capo Up increases the capo for the song by one fret.
  • Capo Down decreases the capo for the song by one fret.
  • Scroll Up scrolls the song up. If using a foot pedal, performing this action once the top of a song is reached will navigate to the previous song in the set.
  • Scroll Down scrolls the song down. If using a foot pedal, performing this action once the bottom of a song is reached will navigate to the next song in the set.
  • Next Song navigates to the next song in the set.
  • Previous Song navigates to the previous song in the set.
  • Random Song loads a random song from the currently selected book or set. Use for practicing songs in your library without a pattern.
  • Reset Song scrolls the current song to the top and optionally resets toggled events such as autoscroll, backing tracks, the metronome and section assignments. These can be customized in Settings Navigation Settings Actions Reset Song.
  • Next Slide advances to the next slide when projecting lyrics.
  • Previous Slide advances to the previous slide when projecting lyrics.
  • Show/Hide Menubar toggles the menubar on and off for a full screen view.
  • Show Quick Pick displays the Quick Pick screen for quickly searching and loading songs.
  • Show Songs List shows and hides the song menu.
  • Scroll Faster decreases the duration of the song by 30 seconds which causes autoscroll to speed up.
  • Scroll Slower increases the duration of the song by 30 seconds which causes the autoscroll to slow down.
  • Toggle Audio play, pause, or stop the backing track associated to the song.
  • Toggle Autoscroll starts or pauses the autoscroll.
  • Toggle Capo turns the capo on or off.
  • Toggle Low Light Mode turns low light mode on and off. When on, the background of the song is black with white foreground text.
  • Toggle Metronome turns the metronome on and off.
  • Toggle MIDI Start/Stop sends the MIDI start or stop command.
  • Mute Metronome mutes the metronome, allowing it to continue to keep time and optionally blink the menubar. This is great to use for practice to see if the beat can be maintained without click reinforcement.
  • Tap For Tempo is used to change the tempo of the current song. This should not be used on high latency foot pedals like the AirTurn BT-105 since they are designed to forgive accidental foot taps or double entry.
  • Tempo Up increase the tempo of the song by 1 BPM.
  • Tempo Down decreases the tempo of the song by 1 BPM.
  • Transpose Up transposes the song up by one half step including enharmonic variations.
  • Transpose Down transposes the song up down one half step including enharmonic variations.
  • Volume Up increases the master volume of the device by 5%.
  • Volume Down decreases the master volume of the device by 5%.
  • Blackout Lyrics blacks out the lyrics for lyrics projection by hiding lyrics and removing the background.
  • Clear Lyrics shows or hides the lyrics during lyrics projection while retaining the background image or video.
  • Continue Scene will continue the playback of a scene if a step is encountered that has an infinite duration. Use this for more advanced playback without the creation of addition scenes.
  • Play Scene is used to restart playback of the currently loaded scene.
  • Stop Scene is used to stop the playback of the currently playing scene.
  • Toggle Scene Playback can be used to toggle the playback state of the currently loaded scene.
  • Playback Pitch plays the pitch of the song for a cappella groups. This can be configured using metadata.
  • Shift Up shifts to the next gear in the configured gears.
  • Shift Down shifts to the previous gear in the configured gears.
  • Unshift shifts to the first gear in the configured gears.
  • Send Message allows you to select a message to be sent to connected devices.
  • Send MIDI when using the MIDI in-app purchase, this option is available and allows you to define a MIDI command to be sent.
  • Switch Scene can map a specific scene to an action. For instance, set an action to blackout all lights or to bring the house lights up.
  • Switch Section allows you to link an action directly to a named section in your song. For instance, you can link to "Verse 1" or "Chorus".
  • Switch Song allows you to switch to a particular song in your library when triggered.
v. 1.999