OnSong Manual

Foot Pedal Setup

The Foot Pedal Setup Screen can be accessed from either the menubar or from the Navigation Editor in the Utilities Menu. This screen lets you perform the following functions:

Choose your foot pedal model

OnSong works with many popular foot pedal models. We select the AirTurn BT-105 2-Pedal since it's the most popular model used with the app. Swipe to the left and right to pick on of the supported foot pedal models. Options include:

  • AirTurn PED is a compact, inexpensive foot pedal that can attach using multiple modes for up to six foot pedals of control.
  • AirTurn BT200 S2 has two stomp switches in a lightweight and affordable package.
  • AirTurn BT200 S4 has four stomp switches in a lightweight and affordable package.
  • AirTurn STOMP 6 features six foot switches that can be mounted in your pedalboard.
  • AirTurn DUO is the professional AirTurn 2-pedal combination.
  • AirTurn QUAD features four pedals of control for more advanced uses like triggering backing tracks.
  • AirTurn Digit II is a handheld remote that's perfect for singers or speakers.
  • AirTurn Digit III is a handheld remote that's perfect for singers or speakers.
  • Flic let you place smart buttons within your reach.
  • iRig BlueTurn features lightweight design with illuminated membrane switches.
  • PageFlip Cicada/Firefly is another type of foot pedal.
  • Griffin Stompbox is a wired controller that has a real guitar pedal board feel.
  • Custom Foot Pedal allows you to configure USB or other foot pedals.
  • No Foot Pedal turns off foot pedals altogether.

Buy a foot pedal

A green button appears in the upper right corner to purchase a foot pedal from the OnSong Store. Pressing this pedal will open an in-app web browser allowing you to view options for controlling OnSong and other on-stage solutions.

Select actions to perform

Foot pedals are configured "out of the box" to navigate your songs and sets. You can change this default behavior by either pressing a foot pedal or tapping on the pedal or port on the screen. This will display actions that OnSong can perform. For a complete list, please see Actions Menu.

Reading the manual

Just below the foot pedal model is either a Configure or User Guide button to give you quick access to how to setup the physical foot pedal.

Configure advanced options

In the lower left corner is a wrench icon that provides access to more advanced settings. From this screen you can configure scrolling behavior, triggers, and other options. See Foot Pedal Settings for more details.

Set up gears

Gears is a powerful tool that lets you expand the actions you can perform with just a single foot pedal. Imagine controlling your live performance with just a few physical pedals. Gears allows you to do just this by providing a great way to make the most of your pedal.

v. 2018.000