OnSong Manual

Storage Providers

iOS 8 brought a number of enhancements that allow apps to work together. One of those enhancements is called Storage Providers. They allow OnSong to import or export to your favorite cloud storage even if it's not available directly inside of OnSong.

Installing Apps

Storage providers work by connecting OnSong to apps you already have installed on your device. There is no definitive list of apps that support this extension, but known apps include:


To import from another storage provider, go into the Songs Menu » All Songs and then tap on the + button to Add Songs. Tap on Storage Provider to open a window that displays that loads the storage provider interface. By default, iCloud Drive is opened. To choose a different storage provider, tap on the icon in the upper left corner. Tap on More to enable the apps that you've installed that are supported.


To export, tap on the Share Menu from the menubar and then choose Export. Tap on the folder icon in the lower right corner and choose Storage Provider. Choose the file formats you would like to export and then tap on the Export button in the upper right corner. OnSong will again open the storage providers window. Choose a folder to export the files to.


There are some limitations to using storage providers.

  1. Keep in mind that once the storage providers window opens that each interface is controlled by the app you choose. That is why each process of importing and exporting files is a little bit different.
  2. Storage providers do not currently support importing or exporting multiple files. This is why you can only choose one file to import, and multiple files are exported as a ZIP file. This may be supported by these apps in the future.
  3. You are limited to apps that support the new storage provider extension and apps that you have installed on your device.
v. 1.999