OnSong Manual

Supported Foot Pedals

The following is a list of foot pedals supported by OnSong.


AirTurn makes some of the premier foot pedals for musical applications. Musicians trust these foot pedals for their ease of use and reliability.

  • AirTurn PED is a cost-effective and compact foot pedal that fits the needs for most users. It's powered by a watch battery for easy replacement. (discontinued)
  • AirTurn PEDpro is a cost-effective and compact foot pedal that fits the needs for more pressing uses. It features a rechargeable battery.
  • AirTurn BT-105 is the original design that covers most needs and is flexible for future expansion. (discontinued)
  • AirTurn DUO features a classic design with flexible pedal options and a non-mechanical switch.
  • AirTurn QUAD is just what you need if you need a lot of foot pedals in a convenient package.
  • AirTurn STOMP 6 features six, stomp-style switches for users with the need for more actions on tap.
  • AirTurn DIGIT II is the original hand-held AirTurn that's great for speakers and vocalists. (discontinued)
  • AirTurn DIGIT III is the latest hand-held AirTurn remote that's great for speakers and vocalists. (discontinued)

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is an industry leader in products for making music on mobile platforms.

  • iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth MIDI to interact with apps like OnSong.
  • iRig BlueTurn offers a simple pedal design using membrane switches.


PageFlip makes innovating foot pedals to meet the needs to musicians.

  • Cicada is the basic, two-pedal page turner.
  • Firefly is a new two-pedal design that provides LED lights to light the way.
  • Dragonfly gives you four pedals in the size of a two pedal unit.


Griffin makes products for your mobile lifestyle.

  • Stompbox gives you real guitar stomp box feel in a single, wired package at an incredibly affordable price. (discontinued)
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