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ChordVault is a new chord chart service that promises to change the way chord charts are made available to musicians. Its function is to protect and provide chord charts and lyrics to you the user, and to protect the music for all music writers and publishers.

The current state of mainstream music on the Internet is pretty bad. They are often chord charts reverse engineered by amateur musicians. On top of that, it remains available on the Internet for personal and educational use and is subject to be removed by the copyright holders.

By working with publishers and songwriters, ChordVault intends to finally create a service that benefits artists. Through a subscription-based model like Netflix™ or Spotify™, ChordVault will pay royalties when music is used, keeping you covered and helping progress the state of music into the future.

Join the Beta Group

ChordVault is currently in open beta, so be sure to sign up for a free trial and help get ChordVault launched!

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