OnSong Manual


Is OnSong available for Android or Windows?

Currently, no. We are working on versions of OnSong for multiple platforms but do not yet have a timeframe. You can subscribe to our Android newsletter to receive an email when a version is ready.

Will OnSong work on my device?

OnSong is only available for Apple iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. OnSong requires at least iOS 5.1.1 to operate including iPad 1 and higher, iPhone 3GS and higher, and iPod touch third-generation and higher. If your device cannot run newer versions of iOS, we do recommend updating your hardware for continued support from Apple. OnSong does not work on non-Apple devices such as Android or Windows.

Do I need to purchase OnSong for every device I own or if I buy a new device?

No. As long as you are using the same Apple ID, you download OnSong again from the App Store for free. You may need to sign in and validate your billing information before the price button is replaced with a download button instead.

I see that OnSong has in-app purchases. Do I need to purchase them to get the full functionality of OnSong?

The single purchase of the app gives you nearly all the functionality of OnSong. In-app purchases provide additional functionality that not all users require. In-app purchases include:

  • Console which lets you access and manage your OnSong library from a computer using a web browser.
  • Drawing lets you draw on your chord charts and music files using a pencil and highlighter.
  • Fast Track Support gives you first priority access to the OnSong support team above all other helpdesk requests.
  • MIDI Integration allows you to connect MIDI devices to OnSong.
  • Motion Backgrounds are available to display lyrics on subtle, motion backgrounds.
  • Soundbanks allow you to play back chords from the chord inspector for practicing. These include piano, bass, and acoustic guitar.

Do I need to repurchase in-app purchases every time I upgrade or use a different device?

No. You can open the Add-Ons screen and tap on the Restore Past Purchases button at the bottom. This may require you to sign into your Apple ID before activating any in-app purchases you have made in the past with that same account.

v. 1.999