OnSong Manual


The follow are common questions that we receive often. Below are some answers with links to the user manual where you can learn more about each feature.


Purchasing OnSong and in-app purchases on the App Store.


Because OnSong is so flexible, you may experience performance issues or crashes.

Foot Pedals

Using foot pedals to operate OnSong hands-free.

I have an iPad and an iPhone and want my library to be the same on both. How can I do this?

OnSong creates a separate library on every device that you have. You can use the synchronization of OnSong to obtain the same songs and sets on both devices.

I can't seem to get OnSong Console to work on my computer. Help?

OnSong Console is an in-app purchase that allows you to connect to your device with a web browser for managing your library. This involves a number of factors related to networking and computer security. Please refer to our Console FAQ for steps to take to resolve these issues.

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