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Beta Team

Choose an OnSong Version

For years, OnSong has focused on building one great app to rule them all. Starting in 2021, we are beginning to set our sights on making some changes to the app we've all come to know and love. We want to simplify and extend. We want OnSong to be the app for a greater number of musicians with a lower learning curve. This means change.

While change is good, it's not good when it changes the very thing you've come to depend on for live music. That's why we feel the best way to move forward is to diversify our app choices. This will allow you to use a version of OnSong you've purchased and receive bug fixes, security updates, improvements and features that don't drastically effect user workflow.

That means that there's now three different apps you can choose to test. Join our beta team by clicking the link on your iOS/iPadOS device.


OnSong is a free app available on the App Store and requires a membership to unlock features. Beta testers can use their OnSong membership or unlock features for testing in the app.

OnSong Pro

OnSong Pro is the original version that's brought us all this way. This will provide a base level of features with newer features able to be tested or by signing in with your OnSong account.

OnSong 2021

If you want to live life on the edge and experience the latest changes, help us test OnSong 2021. While we can't promise absolute stability, it sure will be a lot of fun.

OnSong 2021 for M1 Macs

Here's to the crazy ones. The ones that don't rest on yesterday, but forge boldly into the future. We're looking for a few good M1 Macs. Hello.

OnSong 2021 for Mac Catalyst

Not to be left behind, we've taken what we've learned making OnSong for the M1 and applied some more magic. Run OnSong on any Mac running the latest macOS.