All Things New by Rivers & Robots

We Have Overcome

We Have Overcome
Rivers & Robots
Key: C
CCLI: 7046592
Number: 1
Book: All Things New
Author: Written by Rivers & Robots
Copyright: ©2014 Set Sail Music (PRS). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1:
        Am  C
We have overcome
       Am  C
We are purified
       Am     C      Em        Dm
We are hidden in the wounds of Christ

       Am       C
He has paid the price
He has brought us near
     Am       C     Em     Dm
To behold the glory of the Lord

      Am   G   F
So we will not fear
Through the storm and through the flood
By Your spirit, by Your blood
        Am        Em   F
We will stand, we will stand

           Am  G   F
And with a trumpet call
You will open up the sky
Come with glory and with might
            Am          Em   F
And we will be with the lamb 

C    F  Am  C     F Am
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
G       Am Em   F
We will be with You

Verse 2:
           Am        C
Though the storm may come
       Am C
We are unashamed
       Am    C        Em    Dm
Of the name above all other names

         Am   C
He's our victory
He's our joy and prize
         Am     C      Em       Em
He's the reason we lay down our lives