All My Heart by Renae Bartosik

Praise the One

Praise the One
Renae Bartosik
Key: E
Capo: 2
Tempo: 67
Book: All My Heart
Number: 3
Copyright: © 2014 Renae Bartosik

A2        C#m        E        A2

A2    C#m               A2                B
  You overcame when You came and bled and died on that tree
A2      C#m           A2       B
  You ascended to the highest, highest place
A2        C#m             A2     B
  Crowned in victory Your seated high upon the throne
A2   C#m          A2  B
  Waiting for the day when You may return

A2             B               A2                      B     G#m 
Praise the One whose seated in glory, who is seated in glory

     C#m B  E         C#m B  E         C#m B  E
Hallelu  -  jah, Hallelu  -  jah, Hallelu  -  jah,
       A2          B             E
To the Lamb seated high upon the throne

    A2                  B               C#m                       B
All Blessing and Honor, Glory and Power, be unto the Lamb who was slain