Time With You by Randy Fisher

Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For
Randy Fisher
Key: D
Number: 4
Book: Time With You
Copyright: © 2009 Randy Fisher II

Verse 1:
         G             D          A              D
It’s the middle of the night, I’m thinking about life
    G        D           A
And all that I have done wrong
   G                D         A           Bm
It seems there’s no answer to make things right, 
        G           A           G   D   A   D   G   D   A
Now I’m lost in the middle of a war

Verse 2:
G          D          A     D
Now in the distance I see a light, 
     G             D        A
It’s all I’ve been striving for 
        G              D       A              Bm
But the flesh that I’m in is attached to this sin, 
  G                    A           D
I just don’t feel like fighting anymore

Verse 3:
G            D        A          D
Now I have a wife and three kids tonight,
    G       D      A
And we’re a family
G            D          A      Bm
Life will go on in this raging storm, 
             G               A        D
But I’ve got something worth fighting for

G      D    A          D       G         D      A
Why is life so full of strife, What am I living for
G          D              A           Bm
Is this my last chance to make things right
            G            A        Bm
Before I’ve lost all I’m fighting for
            G            A        D
Before I’ve lost all I’m fighting for