Time With You by Randy Fisher

Time With You

Time With You
Randy Fisher
Key: A
Number: 2
Book: Time With You
Copyright: © 2013 Randy Fisher II

Verse 1:
A            D            A                           D  A
I just can’t live without You, I can’t get You out of my mind
A                     D      A                             D    A
The old life has been left behind now, I’m renewed one day at a time
        D     E
Cause I found out

Verse 2:
A              D     A                               D     A
Tomorrow is gonna be great now, I’m walking with You by my side
A              D   A                             D        A
Troubles might be around us, But I’ve got a safe place to hide
        D     E
Cause I found out

      D                 E             A               F#m
All I need is time with You, A little me and a little You
       D                    E                 F#m
Like a child in her Daddy’s arms With love so true
      D                 E            A                 F#m
All I need is time with You, Time to smile and sing to You
     D               E                   F#m
Everything will be alright when I’m with You

D          E                A               F#m
One day my little girl will find her way in life
D           E             F#m
I pray that she will understand
D          E               A            F#m
The way to happiness isn’t found in any man
D      E                    E
I know she will call out to You God