Time With You by Randy Fisher

Someone Else's Dream

Someone Else’s Dream
Key: E
Number: 5
Book: Time With You
Copyright: © 2013 Randy Fisher II

E    B    C#m   C    D

Verse 1:
          E                    A
I’ve seen poverty and tragedy, People living beyond their means
C#m                          A
Families ripped apart at the core
E                                        A
Everyone’s searching for something more, Maybe a new car or home décor
     C#m                                               A    C    D
When what they really need is right behind their door

Verse 2:
E                              A
The rent is paid, supper made, Not much in the bank, but bills are paid
C#m                                       A
We’ve got so much that others are looking for
E                          A
With God we made a family, Saved up and bought a Christmas tree
C#m                                A      C    D
Presents and shiny lights to hang around

Verse 3:
      E                           A
So my son when you think that you need something new like those in school
   C#m                                    A
Be thankful for the life we’re blessed to have

C#m         A                     C#m                    A                 C#m
We take for granted life and liberty,  People fought and died for us to be free
                     A                     C#m                           C      D                    E
Uncertain times have cost us close to everything, But we still got each other – that’s the important thing

      E                     B               C#m
We’re living someone else’s dream, It’s our reality
To us it’s not much, but I’m telling you
           E                     B                             C#m
We’ve been given so much more it seems, Than others who are in need
               C              D              E
To us it’s not much, but it’s someone else’s dream

So let’s thank God for everything
We’ve been blessed more than it seems
    C#m                               A
Sometimes we just don’t recognize the dream