Time With You by Randy Fisher

Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life
Randy Fisher
Key: D
Number: 6
Book: Time With You
Copyright: © 2013 Randy Fisher II

Verse 1:
    D                            F#m
I remember the day you came into my life
                 G                      Em
I looked in your eyes, what a beautiful sight
    D                             F#m
I remember the day I held you the first time
               G                     Em
The world disappeared, as I held you near 

Verse 2:
  D                              F#m
I waited for you for what seemed forever
          G                              Em
Anxiously waiting the day you would come here

Verse 3:
   D                                 F#m
We stand here today with love in our hearts
          G                Em
Vowing to God we’ll do our part

D                   F#m
Oh what a beautiful sight
               G             Em   D  G
This beautiful life has been born to-day
D                    F#m
Oh you’ve changed my life
                 G                  Em  D   G
What a beautiful sight, you’re mine forever

D                   F#m                    G
Oh what a beautiful life, what a beautiful life
            Em  D   G
You’re mine forever