Matt Fawcett

How Beautiful You Are To Me

How Beautiful You Are To Me
Matt Fawcett
Key: F
Tempo: 79
Time: 4/4
Book: Traded It All
Number: 4
Copyright: ℗2016 Matt Fawcett

Verse 1:
      F                    C
Those simple little kisses after work
     Dm                Bb
Tell me it's okay I'll always be yours
     F                    C
Your silly laughter at my jokes
     Dm                       Bb
When we both know I should be laughing alone
    Dm       Bb              C
The hug that turns me inside out
    Dm        Bb            C
And the smile that turns my world upside down

F                              C          Dm
I know your good and your bad, your happy sad
Bb                Dm            C
Your ins and your outs, ups and downs
F                               C            Dm
You're not perfect in the least but babe I'd wish you'd see
    Bb            C      F
How beautiful you are to me
Verse 2:
       F                C
Your loving hand locked in mine
   Dm                  Bb
Walking to the unknown side by side
       F                C
Never ahead and never behind
   Dm          Bb         C
My helper till the end of time
   Dm        Bb          C
Promise made and kept in Grace
   Dm        Bb                  C
My Bride and friend though every day

    Bb            F      C
How beautiful you are to me
    Bb           F         Dm          C
Something no one else will ever get to see
     Bb          F
What truly makes you you
   C                      Dm
Is what I love to see you do
Bb                C      F
How beautiful you are to me