Jason Squires

Not Finished Yet

Not Finished Yet
Jason Squires
Key: Bb
Book: The Sound of Your Name
Number: 6
CCLI: #7042376

Verse 1:
As long as I breathe
As long as I run
           Gm                                  Eb
As long as I see the setting and rising of the sun
As long as I dance
As long as I cry
           Gm                        Eb
As long as I live until the day that I die

           Bb                F
You are not finished with me yet
     Gm                               F
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    Gm       F   Eb
I will live for you

Verse 2:
I will go where you say
I will do what you ask
Even if the road before me is a difficult task I believe you are here
I believe in your story
Even if I question the journey before me

The painting is started
The clay must be molded
 Cm            F
Do your work in me