Rise by Gracious Vine

I Believe

I Believe
Gracious Vine
Key: C
Book: Rise
Number: 2

C Am F G

Verse 1:
Am                                G         C
Moving past the threshold of both time and space
Am                              G         C
Released from the burdens of my fears and pains
    Am                         G      C
I am comforted by every tear He wipes away
     Am                        G      F
As I enter the throne room of Amazing Grace

Verse 2:
Am                           G        C
Changed in His presence from death to life
Am                         G      C
Translated from darkness into His light
Am                          G      C
I am Raised up by the power of His might
Am                           G        F
As I enter the gates with my faith in Christ

    C          Am         F          G
I believe in a savior who died to rescue me
    C             Am               F               G
I believe that He rose up from His grave triumphantly
          C               Am             F          G
Though my faith may be as small as the tiny mustard seed
           C                Am                          F               G
It matters not from where I stand now - Here before the Throne of Eternity
     C    Am F G
I believe

Verse 3:
Am                            G     C
Victorious in Christ though I daily die
Am                       G        C
Embraced by the King, He draws me tight
Am                          G      C
I am in awe of His mercy on all my crimes
Am                               G       F
So I surrender my life with this worship cry

          C     Am F G
Cause I believe