Come and Sit for a While by Gracious Vine

There is a River that Flows

There is a River that Flows
Gracious Vine
Key: A
Copyright: 2014 Joanna Fruehauf
Number: 10
Book: Come and Sit for a While

A   E   F#m   D

Verse 1:
 A              E               F#m                  D
It renews the land, heals the desert and reaches the sea
This growing river, with unceasing waters amazes me
I can’t fully fathom the bends and turns I’ve yet to see
So with faith I will trust you Lord in this River, wide and deep! 

A         E             F#m               D
Streams of Mercy become torrents of equipping grace
All my fears and anguish replaced with peace, they fade without a trace 
Swirling eddies and swift currents to navigate,
So I watch for your direction Lord I desire to seek and know Your ways

  A        E          F#m  D   A         E          F#m  D
There is a river that flows,    from the Threshold of God
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 3:
A                  E                F#m        D
The sound of many waters create a deafening roar
Lead me by your hand return me safely to your shores
Where all this vast abundance flows from your temple door 
Cause every place Your living water touches, Life springs forth