Come and Sit for a While by Gracious Vine

The Lion Roars

The Lion Roars
Gracious Vine
Key: C
Copyright: 2013 Joanna Fruehauf
Number: 3
Book: Come and Sit for a While

F   G   F   C   (2x)

Verse 1:
G                                    F
Flashes of lightning, clashes of thunder they roll
G                                    F
River of life and of fire, flowing from Your throne
            G                          F
All of the Cherubim, and all of the Seraphim
                  G                       F   G    F
They're rising Higher and higher, As they worship Him

F       G     F                C               F            G             F    C
Holy Holy Holy is the Lord. The First, the Last, our Great King forevermore
Holy Holy Holy is the Lord.  The Lamb once slain, yet now the Lion roars 

Verse 2:
G    F
He Rises to His feet, as every knee quickly bows
He's asserting all His power, He lays claim to every crown 
The humbled, weak and weary, they rejoice with Him now 
As He vanquishes all enemies, His kingdom will abound

Verse 3:
G    F
Here I stand in awe now, a midst a great multitude
Pouring out my worship, a worthy sacrifice for You 
So, I lift my hands to give You praise, and to my feet I rise 
My Ransom paid, I've been redeemed and pierced thru by the fire in your eyes