Fountain of Life


Francis Lukesh
Key: D
Duration: 6:55
Tempo: 75
Time: 4/4
Book: You Saved Me
Number: 3
Copyright: 2016 Fountain of Life Ministries

     D/F#              D/G    D/F#         D/G
Your grace is like the sky as far as I can see
     D/F#         D/G               D/F#         D/G
Your mercy is the air that fills me every time I breathe
     D/F#          D/G                 D/F#               D/G
Your Spirit is the fire that burns the worthless parts of me
     D/F#             D/G            D/F#            D/G
Your love is like the rain that saturates my deepest need

       D    D/F#             G
Oh saturate  -  come make us clean
          Bm         A                        G
So we can offer Your love to the poor and the weak
              D    D/F#          G
Will You rain down  -  wash over me
            Bm       A                     G
And we will rise up again and glorify Your name
       D/F#      D/G
Oh saturate

     G            A
Come glorify the Lord
     D/F#m         G
Come glorify the Lord
      G                   A
Come and sing of His great love